My overall experience – open source

The past few months have been great, scary, great, struggles, great, successful!

I can honestly feel that I have learned A LOT from this amazing open source class that I took at Seneca: OSD600, with one of the best and supporting professors, David Humphrey. I would never have expected to work on these amazing projects, test out start up projects, work with amazing developers and other students.

The biggest thing I have learned other than the value of Open Source is GitHub, I have learned a lot about the usage of it and I think I am familiar with it a lot more than I will ever be before taking this class. I loved the opportunity I had in participating in Hacktoberfest, will definitely participate again next year, even though I will not be taking this class anymore.

I’m also happy that we got the opportunity to start a new project and work on them along with other students in the classes. It honestly gave me pride and a sense of success knowing that we have started something, and they are something that will be useful for others.

There isn’t much I would change about this amazing class! I think many students will agree with me that this is like a mini internship, you get the real hands on experience with the help of the professor.

I have always liked the idea of Open Source and I like it even more after experiencing it for a few months. I just love the idea of ‘free for people’ there has been so many good use with Open Source and I will for sure continue on with a bunch of these amazing projects I have worked on and will continue blogging despite the open source class that is ending in a few days…


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