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As I have mentioned in my previous post that I am going to be working on a few new projects that my classmates and I will be starting and a few existing projects that I will continue to contribute to.

To be very honest, I am still working on researching for many of the issues and projects that I am interested in.

I am continuously researching for the portfolio-generator (a new project that attempts to make it easier for people to create a portfolio/resume) I have been communicating with one of the team member to figure out our goal for this project and what we think we should do.

As for the other external project, as I have said earlier that I would like to work on email-tabs, an add-on built by Firefox Mozilla that allows users with the add-on to easily send opened tabs of their interest with/without screenshots to someone via email.

I thought I found an issue that I might want to work on, but it turned out to be a lot more difficult. However, I have given up yet and I am also continuously trying to learn some bits and pieces of the program in order to dig in a little deeper and fix the issue.

One thing I found a little odd and rather scary is that I have posted a comment on that particular issue but have not received any replies back as of now. Maybe I don’t always need a ‘yes’ to work on the issue but I also don’t want to end up working on an issue only to realize that one of their developers have already done it – let’s hope for the best.

As for another new project that I was interested in working – SenecaBlackboardExtension. This was one of the most difficult project for me to get started on as well. I had such a hard time – for some reason – trying to figure out what I think Seneca Blackboard needs modifications for.

Due to that, I decided to message a few current and former Seneca students of various programs what they think should be removed/modified/added to Seneca Blackboard page. A lot of the comments mentioned the overwhelming contents on the page. They all agreed that some of the things on the page were not necessary.

So, a lot of my team members have decided to remove sections of the page, and so did I. I removed the ‘BookStore’ page and thought I should add something that I personally think students and even myself would appreciate… a calendar.

I created the issue here and created my pull request here.

I simply just used Javascript, HTML and a little bit of CSS to remove the current book store section and added the calendar there. I looked over some past examples of the calendar program that I have learned and built in the past and used that there to make sure it fit the old book store section completely.

In the future, I would like to work on finishing up the calendar with the functionality of collapsing the calendar so if any users do not want to see it then they can.


Hopefully, I will be able to finalize my ideas for the external/internal projects and discover some more amazing opportunities. Until the next blog~

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