Starting something new.. Scary?


I have somehow survived Hacktoberfest but that was just a great beginning to my (hopefully) lifelong continuation to an open-source community. As I have mentioned in my previous blogs that I have contributed to numbers of issues that ranged from “localization, contributing to a simple UI, and fixing a single character of a page”

These were pretty basic issues that were pretty overwhelming for me to take as I was still getting used to learning about Git, GitHub, and open-source general. Hacktoberfest is definitely a great event that everyone should participate in. Especially true for people that are pretty new to it! You will get so many help from so many amazing people.


… Anyways, as I have mentioned above, it is now time for another great start and hopefully I will feel even better about these upcoming issues.


So? What am I talking about?

I have been lucky enough to start up a few projects with my Open-Source class (at Seneca college). Our class came up with a bunch of interesting projects that students can work on and a few of them caught my eyes.

I love front-end. I generally enjoy anything user-interface and anything that will give me a little bit of designing/creativity to do I was all for. Let’s have a look at them.


1. Portfolio-Generator (Seneca Student Resume/Portfolio Static Site Generator)

This is a project that attempts to make it simpler for students to have their resumes created with the choice of their templates.


2. Seneca Blackboard Extension

This is simply to an extension that will be built for Google Chrome. We will be adding features that can hopefully make student’s experience with Blackboard better.


There are many other interesting projects that I would love to work on and hopefully I will be able to work on as the time goes. For the most part, I am mainly focusing on researching the above two projects and the other projects to see what features I can add to make these projects as great as it should be.


So, for my first week, I will be doing many researches and I have already started on one of them for Portfolio-Generator and this is the issue

I am not too sure what I will find and what I will do as I am not too familiar with this issue. I need to find a way to read a word document and generate it into HTML. One thing I am confident about is that there are already some existing projects that attempt to do something similar.

As for Seneca Blackboard extension, I am still exploring the site and have asked a few other students (none of them are computer programming students) what sort of things they wish were included in Seneca Blackboard and what could be removed. I will hopefully be able to pass these messages on to the rest of the team to better the experience of Blackboard! I will come back and add any issues/features I can come up with for this project (hopefully soon)


Now, while working on these freshly created projects, I am still looking at other projects to contribute to. I did find a bunch other projects that i wanted to work on during Hacktoberfest but due to all the overwhelming tasks I had for this class and other classes, I could not look too deep into them. Now that I have a chance, I found something here

This a project built by Mozilla, their add-on called Email-Tabs

The issue has something to do with the block of the page is not displaying correctly and I will therefore need to make sure the whole page displays accordingly depending on the sort of theme the user chooses. Since this is a pretty big project that is already being worked on by multiple contributors, I had to ask for the permission to work on it and hopefully will get a ‘yes’ (but despite that, I will get started on this either way)


All in all, this is yet another week of excitement but at the same time kind of scary and scary. I think the scary part is trying to start something. It’s always the mist difficult part to start something new and you just don’t know if you can actually do it – but having confidence in yourself is key. I just gotta keep going~



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